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About NuEra Radio Frequency

NuEra Tight is one of the most advanced FDA-approved skin correction technologies that uses radiofrequency pulses to penetrate deep tissue levels to reduce cellulite, improve the appearance of skin laxity, achieve smooth contours and even manage pain.

What To Expect From Radio Frequency Treatments

Deep-tissue penetration



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Radio Frequency FAQ

Radio Frequency therapy at FOY is non-surgical treatment designed for a host of aesthetic goals or concerns. We use a market-leading, medical grade technology NuEra Tight to eliminating fats, smooth and tighten skin, and alleviate pain.

Anyone who wishes to visibly reduce cellulite, tighten the skin in target areas, reduce tissue inflammation and who seeks muscle or tissue pain relief solutions.

Our experts will assess your tissue to determine the optimal number of sessions. Contact us to book you free consultation.

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